Who is Chris Scalzo

Chris Scalzo Scalzo

Chris Scalzo is a web developer with a background in graphic design. He lives in Tempe, AZ with his girlfriend and their three cats.

In 2005 he received his Bachelors of Arts in Visual Communication and began working his first career job as a graphic designer and web developer for a mortgage company.

In the years that followed, Chris worked closely with many marketing specialists to turn out great user experiences. He has worked with a variety of mediums, from small printed items to large signage and trade show booths. In the digital medium, he did front- and back-end development of websites, creating one of a kind pages, informative presentations, and useful web-based business tools.

Since 2011, Chris has focused more on backend development with PHP. He has worked at both web software companies and marketing agencies to help grow his skills in these areas.

Chris is interested in all areas of development and data to create quality products for users. His diverse skill set makes him a valuable asset to any team. From mortgage companies to e-commerce, social media to technology marketing, Chris’s experience shows that he can tailor his skill set to a variety of industries.

When Chris is not at work, he enjoys learning new web technologies so that he can keep his skills up-to-date. On weekends he can be found in his garage working on a woodworking project, playing board games with friends, or bingeing the latest sci-fi show on Netflix.

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